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The Belgian National Center for Development Cooperation

Development Project Work

The consquences of the gap between the North and the South affect the Third World first of all. There, the NCOS supports initiatives and the redistribution of power. This support is fit in with the broader North-SOuth context and the structural causes of underdevelopment such as the unequal distribution of power, unjust trade relations and the burden of debt.

NCOS supports the project financially, informs the public about the situation in teh South and has frequent contracts with the partner organization. The project should contribute to the emancipation of the communities in the South first and foremost. They are not only aimed at material objectives, but also at the acquisition of new insights, independence and the promotion of fair social structures. A commission of independent experts is charged with the ultimate selection of the projects, in which great importance is attached to continuity and the participation of women.

The local groups form the foundation of NCOS. All over Flanders more than 300 groups contribute to the further development of NCOS and the 11.11.11 campaign. Just like other members, these committees are represented in the governing bodies of NCOS, where the future lines of policy are laid down. The staff members at the NCOS secretariat help to realize this policy. The national secretariat in Brussels consists of sevral departments. In addition, there is a provincial secretariat in each of the five Flemish provinces.

Range of Activities of NCOS
Education, political action and development project work are the three major cornerstones in the NCOS activities.

NCOS wants to stimulate people to stand up for different North-South relations and to declare their solidarity with the partners in the South that share this objective. The local networks are its major trump: about 25,000 volunteers, organzed in committees in almost all Flemish cities, spread information and organize discussion evenings, courses of Third World festivities. The local groups are backed by provincial secretaries and the education department of the national secretariat in Brussels, which develops teaching aid like slides, exhibitions and information brochures. Special attention is paid to the young, who are approached through specific models and methods.

NCOS believes that the gap between the North and South can only be stopped thorugh drastic political measures. Therefore it urges the Belgian government to raise its voice on the national and internaitional forums and argue in favor of fair prices or raw materials, the remission of debts, the abolition of European gluts dumping and other measures that contribute to a different and better Third World Policy. One of the major demands is that the Belgian government would raise its expenditure for development cooperation to at least 0.7% of teh Gross National Product.

How is NCOS Organized?

Project Managers are in close contact with the partner organizations in Africa, Asia and Latin-America. They follow up the projects and diffuse information about them, in close cooparation with the on-the-spot country manager, who provides the information.

Development cooparaion should pay more attention to the important place that women occupy all over the world. Men and women should be given the opprtunity to participate on a equal basis, both in the North and in the South. The women department tries to integrate gender-related issues into the global NCOS policy.

Staff members of this department keep a close track of national and international politics. They speak up for the South on the national and international forums, and support the NCOS activities by providing profound information on GATT, the World Bank, food security, gender, indebtedness ans related subjects.

The NCOS publshing department reaches many people through its mothly review "De Wereld Morgen" and the novels, documentary books and brochures it distrubutes. The NCOS perodicals provide background information and news from the Southand from the Flemish Third World Movement.

People work on a specific Third World country or issues related to development cooperation or the North-South theme, find a mass of information at Docent in newspapers, perodicals, books and brochures kept there, or on-line in computers.

The department organzes the yearly 11.11.11 action, develops new money collection models and sees to it that NCOS is sufficiently present in the media.

Apart from stimulating ans counselling the local 11.11.11 committees, the educational department also provides an extensive range of didactic material. Special attention is paid to the young and global education at schools.

All activities of the NCOS secretariat are backed by the administrative and logistical deparments, which have the care of address files, bookkeeping, informatics, personnel management, finances, printing and mail.


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