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Catholic Organization for Relief and Development

At the end of 1998, the Dutch catholic development organiztions Bilance, Caritas Netherlands and Memisan merged into CORDAID (Catholic Organization for Relief and Development). CORDAID combines their expertise and serves all aspects of development cooperation: emergency aid, structural poverty alleviation and health care. CORDAID coopearates closely in developing countries with local organizations because the people there are capable of forming their own society. CORDAID promotes equal opporunities for women and men in development processes.

The organization has a budget of 300 million in Dutch guilders and supports 2,300 programs annually in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Central and Eastern Europe. In addition, it undertakes awareness raising in the Netherlands and plays an active role in national and international lobbying.

CORDAID brings various international networks such as Caritas Internationalis, Cidse, Medicus Mundi, WHO and the EU-NGO forum. The organization is funded by the Dutcg government, the European Union and individual donors who support works of Bilance, Caritas Netherlands, Memisa ans Vastenaktie (the Duthc Bishops' Lenten Campaign) financially. The have ceased to exist as a separate organization after merging to become CORDAID. However CORDAID will continue to use these names for fundraising with the Dutch public. For the public in Netherlands, these brand names will retain their particular focus: emergency aid and vulnerable groups (Caritas Netherlands), structural poverty alleviation (Bilance and Vestenaktie), and health care ans emergency medical aid (Memisa). The money raised in the Netherlands in a brand name campaign will be used for that specific field of activity.

From January 2000, CORDAID will be based in the Hague. Two hundred fifty people will work for the organization.



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