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Programs, Services and Advocacies


Active Citizenship Program

Conceptualized in 1999, the Active Citizenship Program (ACS) was envisioned to provide the underpining for the governance work of the Institute. It has identified three major areas for political engagement using education, organizing/networking and advocacy as instruments for greater political empowerment and active citizenship partcipation in democratization process:

  • Political Governance
  • Electoral
  • Mass Movement

Program Accomplishments in 1999
In 1999, seven ACS were conducted in the following areas:

  • Cebu City: March 1999
  • Tacloban City: May 1999
  • Los Baños, Laguna: August 1999
  • Parang, Maguindanao: September 1999
  • Davao City: September 1999
  • Zamboanga City: September 1999
  • National Capital Region: December 1999



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