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Local Governance Policy Page

Our Just Share: Restoring the IRA Cut (LGU-Civil Society IRA Forum proceedings)

    Policy Studies (compilation of policy studies presented in the forum)
    Campaigns (viewpoints, positions and efforts on major advocacy issues)
    Budget Watch (statements and position papers on the IRA)

The Local Governance Policy Forum (LGPF) is a network of non-governmental organizations, people's organizations and members of the academe whose concern is furthering the democratic gains of decentralization and local autonomy mandated by the 1987 Constitution and legislated by the local government Code of 1991. Its work centers on the continuing monitoring and evaluation of the implementation of local government structures. Through research, advocacy, and lobbying efforts both with lawmakers and the national and local governments, as well as the general public and among the basic sectors, the network has worked to ensure that genuine local autonomy and its promise of greater development and democratization are fulfilled. Among the many issues it focuses its efforts on are the review of the 1991 Local Government Code and its amendment, the implementation of the local sectoral representation system, and research on genuine fiscal autonomy including the Internal Revenue Allotment issue. Among its network, the LGPF counts a wide network of local government executives as well as NGOs and POs throughout the country.

This LGPF Policy Page contains policy papers, updates on campaigns, and fora documentation in order to bring to public discourse the issues of local governance and local autonomy. We hope that with this page, the resources for thinking through these issues are made available to policy makers, local government executives, and civil society advocates.

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