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Interchurh Organization for Development Cooperation

ICCO, the Dutch Interchurch organization for development cooperation, is one of four Dutch co-financing organizations. With money from Dutch and European governments in particular, ICCO finances projects in about sixty countries in Africa and the Middle East, in Latin America and the Caribbean, in Asia and the Pacific, in Central and Eastern Europe, and in Central Asia.

ICCO's mission
ICCO's mission is to work towards a world where poverty and injustice no longer exist. Many people in the so-called developing countries live in a situation which prevents them from developing and which does not do them justice. Either they do not have the means, or the political climate of their country does not permit them to develop. Sometimes the problems seem insurmountable: famines, desertification, deforestation, violence, discrimination, and social isolation drive people into a vicious circle.

Still, there are always people who never say die. They keep on fighting, they keep on organizing themselves and their fellow-sufferers against all odds, they keep on making plans; in short, they keep on going. ICCO is there to support them in their struggle.

Day in day out, the people of ICCO's partner organizations are busy giving their lives and those of their poorest compatriots a new direction. Sometimes these trajectories take prolonged periods of time. Sometimes small, practical things are at stake. Partner organizations, however, always look for structural solutions that are effective over extended periods of time.

Partner organizations do not ask ICCO to solve all their problems. They want to find their own solutions and make them effective.

It is ICCO's mission to give them that support. ICCO does this by making money available in the form of donations and loans. By doing so, ICCO, in cooperation with its partner organizations, is working towards a world without poverty, and without injustice. The results are showing. They are not always spectacular, but they come at a steady pace.



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