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Women in Governance

The Women in Governance Program seeks to increase and expand women's participation in governance. This is to ensure that the development plans and bidget adequately address the needs of women and children.

"Ang Kababaihan sa Pulitika at Pamamahala"
An Orientation Course on Women in Governance

1. About the Course

The course can be completed in three to four days depending on the flow of the discussions on specific topics and samples. More takses and samples are handed out to participants in order to have better graps of the topic being discussed.

The course is an "orientation course." It only introduced and explains specific concepts and ideas; and does not intent to teach particular skills to particiapants.

The course is specifically designed for women leaders who are:

  • Active participants in different levels of governance. The course is also for those who intend to participate inn governance work in the future.
  • Elected officials or for those who are occupying leading positions in strategic offices such as barangay health workers, barangay nutrition scholar, and day care workers.

2. Objectives of the Course

2.1 To be able to provide extensive knowledge to women leaders in the communities on opportunities and challenges in local governance work

2.2 To be able to draw up concrete tasks and programs on where women leaders can participate and have influence on local governance atructures and its processes.

2.3 For participants to join the Participatory Development Planning.

3. Expected Output
After taking the course, the participants are expected to have developed the capability to:

3.1 To be able to accept and recognize the need to actively participate in local governance and its processes and how they can utilize what they have learned in their advocacy on issues confronting women.

3.2 To be able to define specific opportunities and adapt means of involvement in their respective communities (particularly on the barangay level) for a more active participation in local governance (e.g. developmental councile, human rights center, barangay justice)

3.3 To be able to develop concrete programs of action on how to bring to the "mainstream" the different issues and concerns affecting women.

3.4 To be able to draw up a develpment agenda and incorporate it in all programs of their respective organizations or groups.

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